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What is Aesthetisure?

Most health insurance policies do not cover treatment of surgical complications following elective aesthetic surgery, even if medically necessary. Aesthetisure is an affordable insurance solution that assists patients of elective cosmetic surgery with the possible financial burden of complications.

About the Coverage

After becoming an Aesthetisure surgeon, all of your patients having one or more Covered Procedures must be offered Aesthetisure. There is only one charge even with more than one procedure. Once you have registered your patients, they will be eligible to receive benefits should a Covered Complication occur. Without Aesthetisure, patients may be left with a financial burden should a complication arise after elective cosmetic plastic surgery. With Aesthetisure, patients have the reassurance that their surgeon has protected their procedure.

How It Works

Aesthetisure is available to board-certified surgeons in the United States. Interested patients may ask their surgeon to enroll.


Become an Aesthetisure enrolled surgeon by Downloading the application, and emailing it to, or faxing to (334) 323-0588.


When a patient schedules one or more Covered Procedures, login to our online system and register your patient by completing the required fields.


In the event of a Covered Complication, login to our system and review our process for filing a claim.