How to Get Covered

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon is the first step in reducing your risk of a complication following an elective cosmetic procedure.  But, complications can never be ruled out.  Aesthetisure coverage protects your financial investment and offers reassurance in the event a complication occurs.

Here’s how it works.

Choose an Aesthetisure Surgeon

Ask your surgeon if they’re an Aesthetisure enrolled physician. The offices of enrolled physicians will register you for coverage in our system and collect the premium.  It’s that simple.   If your surgeon is not enrolled with us and you’d like them to consider our program, they can reach out to us for more information in any of the following ways:

Note: As a patient, you cannot sign up for Aesthetisure directly; your surgeon must be enrolled and register you for coverage.

Choose a Covered Procedure

Aesthetisure covers many commonly performed cosmetic procedures, including the following:

If you don’t see your procedure on our list, contact us or ask your surgeon to find out if it’s covered.

Ensure Your Complication Is Covered

If you have a complication after having a covered procedure, ensure it is on our list of covered complications, which includes:

  • Capsular contracture*
  • Infection
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Hypoxia

Note: You must seek medical attention for a covered procedure in an emergency room, hospital, or accredited surgical center within 45 days following a covered procedure.

*Capsular contracture is covered for 12 months after breast augmentation.