Plastic Surgery Risks

Every type of surgery involves risks and the possibility of complications, even cosmetic plastic surgery. While surgeons and patients strive for the best outcomes possible, the reality is complications can and do happen. Aesthetisure helps mitigate risks associated with many commonly performed procedures by protecting patients from unexpected medical costs if a covered complication should occur.

What risks come with plastic surgery?

The risks associated with plastic surgery vary between patients and the procedures they undergo. To learn about possible risks and complications associated with some of the most popular procedures, visit the following pages:

Learn about Aesthetisure covered procedures and complications.

How do I lower the risk of plastic surgery complications?

While the possibility of an unexpected complication always exists, there are some effective ways to minimize your risks, including:

  • Choosing an experienced, qualified, board-certified surgeon
  • Being honest with your surgeon during your consultation (about past surgeries, health issues, medications, alcohol and tobacco use, etc.)
  • Following your surgeon’s pre and post-op instructions closely
  • Contacting your surgeon if you suspect a problem after surgery
  • Attending all of your follow up appointments

When you choose an Aesthetisure surgeon, you can be confident that your surgeon wants the best for you. Ask your surgeon to enroll today!