Why You Need Aesthetisure

If you are considering elective cosmetic surgery, you probably don’t expect your medical insurance to pay for it. You know how much your surgery will cost and you make a financial plan ahead of time. Did you know that in the rare instance of a complication, the associated costs probably won’t be covered under your medical insurance either—regardless of medical necessity?

Aesthetisure was created to protect patients like you against unexpected medical expenses associated with complications after cosmetic plastic surgery.

Do I really need this type of insurance?

There are many precautions we take just to be safe. We buy extended warranties for cars, cellphones, and other expensive purchases. We buy travel insurance for flights and trips. By investing a little up front, we avoid significant, unexpected expenses in the future. Aesthetisure provides coverage for cosmetic surgery complications—just in case.

What sort of expenses does Aesthetisure pay for?

Choosing an experienced, board-certified surgeon for your procedure greatly reduces the likelihood that you will experience a complication. However, if your recovery doesn’t go smoothly, the medical expenses for diagnosis and treatment of the problem can quickly add up. Aesthetisure covers a variety of post-surgical expenses related to covered cosmetic procedures, including:*

  • Follow-up with your plastic surgeon and diagnostic tests to rule out infection, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and other complications
  • Emergency room
  • Intensive care
  • Inpatient hospitalization
  • Ambulance services
  • Prescription medication

*Restricted to policy coverage and limits.

3 Good Reasons to Get Aesthetisure

  1. It’s reassuring: Having cosmetic surgery is an investment in yourself—physical, emotional, and financial, Aesthetisure can protect that investment. It can help you put to rest any uncertainty about how you’d pay for an unexpected complication.
  2. It’s affordable: Securing coverage through Aesthetisure involves a small, one-time fee; if you end up needing them, the benefits are significant. The price for coverage is the same, whether you’re having a single procedure or multiple procedures performed together.
  3. It’s easy: The registration and claims processes are easy—and taken care of by your surgeon. If your surgeon isn’t registered with Aesthetisure, encourage them to sign up.