Patients today are savvier than ever. Most do their research when choosing a surgeon for elective cosmetic surgery. Aesthetisure is an affordable insurance solution that protects against unexpected medical costs after many commonly performed procedures of the face, breast, and body. Give yourself a competitive advantage by giving your patients peace of mind by knowing they are protected from the possible financial burden of an unexpected complication after surgery.

About the Coverage

After becoming an Aesthetisure surgeon, all of your patients having one or more Covered Procedures are eligible for Aesthetisure. There is only one charge per surgical setting even when a patient has more than one procedure. Once you have registered your patients, they will be eligible to receive benefits should a Covered Complication occur. Without Aesthetisure, patients may be left with a financial burden should a complication arise after elective cosmetic plastic surgery. With Aesthetisure, patients have the reassurance that their surgeon has protected their procedure.

Benefits of Aesthetisure

  • Coverage for many of the procedures you frequently perform
  • Affordable protection for patients against unexpected medical costs associated with complications
  • Support from our professional team with over 15 years of experience supporting physicians and their patients
  • No quotas on the number of patients you register
  • Proven, simple online registration
  • Convenient payment options (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, and Discover cards accepted)
  • Quick claims process by experienced claims representatives

How It Works

Aesthetisure is available to board-certified surgeons in the United States. Interested patients may ask their surgeon to enroll.

  1. To become an Aesthetisure enrolled physician:
  • Complete this simple online application.
  • Email us at with your questions.
  • Call us at 800.362.1542 to learn more.
  1. Once enrolled, you will receive a secure login to our online system where you will:
  • Register patients.
  • View, print, and pay your monthly invoices.
  • Find resources regarding your program.
  1. If a patient experiences a Covered Complication, you have the option of reporting it online or calling us at 800.362.1542.