Patient FAQ

Many patients like you are interested in obtaining the protection offered by Aesthetisure. This insurance plan for patients having elective cosmetic plastic surgery is only available through participating Aesthetisure physicians. Here are the answers to questions frequently asked by patients.

I already have health insurance. Why do I need Aesthetisure?

The majority of major health insurance policies exclude payment for complications if they result from an elective cosmetic procedure, even if medically necessary. Aesthetisure can assist with these out-of-pocket expenses.

If my health insurance provides coverage for medical complications following plastic surgery, will Aesthetisure cover my co-pay and/or deductible?

Aesthetisure can coordinate benefits as long as the complication is a covered complication and the maximum limits have not previously been met.

How do I qualify for Aesthetisure?

You must be a patient of an Aesthetisure surgeon and be scheduled to have one or more covered procedures listed on the website.

Does Aesthetisure cover my expenses incurred from revisional surgery if I am not happy with the aesthetic outcome of my procedure?

Aesthetisure covers specific medical complications; dissatisfaction with the aesthetic outcome is not a covered complication.

What is my coverage period?

The coverage period is the period of time (45 days) within which a covered complication must occur and be treated in a hospital, ER, or an accredited surgery center in order for benefits to be paid.

The 45-day coverage period begins immediately following the administration of general anesthesia or intravenous sedation in preparation for a covered procedure. Capsular contracture has a 12-month benefit period.